This is a simple guide to help you with the TradingFlow App. If you don’t find the answer of your question, feel free to contact me, and I will answer you and complete this page.

Flows & Steps

Add flows

Two possibilities :

  • Tap on the plus button at the top rigth corner

  • Tap on the add button at the bottom of the flow list

Edit flows

Tap on the flow you want to edit ant then tap on the pencil button at the top right corner.

You can change :

  • Flow’s name
  • Fees
  • Choose to work with only favorite financials instruments

When finished, tap on the checkmark button on the top rigth corner to validate.

Delete flows

Just swipe left on a flow and tap on the delete button.

Add steps

Inside a flow, two possiblilities :

  • Tap on the plus button at the top rigth corner

  • Tap on the add button at the bottom of the flow list

Steps can represent the following trade operations :

  • Deposit
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Withdraw

According to the context of your flow (depending on the last step), some operations are not availaible.

Edit steps

Just tap on the pencil button of the step you want to edit.

Only one step at a time can be edited. Tap on the checkmark button to validate your inputs.

Delete steps

Make a long tap on the pencil button of the step you want to delele, and then choose “Delete” in the context menu.

If you delete a step, all the following steps are alose deleted.

Adjust fees on a trade operation

Fees can be adjsuted on buy or sell operations. Make a long tap one the pencil button of the step, and then choose “Adjust fees” in the context menu.

You can then set specific fees for this step. Tap the gray reset button to restore orginal fees value (the one set on the flow).

Fees with an adjusted value are framed in red.

Note on withdraws

There is no need to add a final withdraw to get flows results. A virtual one is automatically added when calculating gains and losses.

Withdraws stand for partial withdrawal operations in the middle of a flow to simulate risk reduction and secure gains.


Fees are calculated for each buy and sell operations. The amount for each operation can be displayed by tapping on the fees box at the top left of the flow.

Financial Instruments

The App is shipped with built-in financial instruments. They can be edited to customize some attributes. This is specialy useful to change decimals and adapt the precision of your results.

You can also add you own instruments, so there is no limitation if you don’t find your favorite one.

Edit Financial instruments

Tap on the edit button at the top right corner and change any of the following attributes :

  • Name
  • Type, choose between :
    • Fiat
    • Crypto
    • Other
  • Decimals
  • Picture, by taping on the gray circle. You can choose to set a photo from your Photo library or symbol from the built-in library.

Set a financial instrument as favorite

From the financial instruments list, just tap on the instrument to access to its details, and then tap on the gray star at the top left corner (the star becomes yellow).

Reset a built-in financial instrument

You can restore a customized built-in financial instrument to its original definition. To do that, just tap on the reset button at the top right corner.

Add a user defined financial instrument

From the financial instruments list, tap on the plus button at the top rigth corner

Then define your financial instrument (see edit section). The symbol value must be unique, and it will not be editable later.

Delete a financial instrument

Only user defined and unused financial instruments can be deleted. To do so, just swipe left on the financial instrument and then tap on delete.


Global fees

You can define here for once fees that will be applied on new created flows. Even if you have defined global fees, it is still possible to change it in each flow by editing them.

Filter on favorites

You can define here the favorite filter as a default parameter for new created flows. This can be changed afterwise on each flow by editing them.